MIM Manchester Meeting

Save the date: 1 & 2 November 2019

This year we will meet again at Waterside in Manchester on the 1st and 2nd of November. Here we will continue the conversation we started in Amsterdam last year. This event will gradually take shape in the coming months.

The call for proposals has officially closed. We do still accept proposals in the following categories: (1) conservation and restoration and (2) techniques, materials and materiality

Call for Proposals

"A Future for the Past, Preserving our Animation Heritage"

As part of an ongoing effort to preserve and promote animation heritage Materials in Motion will hold its second meeting in Manchester, UK for a two day event at Waterside in Sale, Manchester. The event will consist of workshops, a tour of the Cosgrove Hall Films Archive, demonstrations and presentations.

The animation materials that shape our lives, entertain and inform millions of all ages are under threat from the ravages of time. To counteract this, "A Future for the Past, Preserving our Animation Heritage" welcomes experts, enthusiasts, conservators and creators to explore the film cels, puppets, sketches, scripts and other materials as well as the techniques and strategies we now need to preserve animation production ephemera for generations to come.

This interdisciplinary event welcomes heritage professionals, practitioners, students, enthusiasts, academics and collection custodians with collections large and small to exchange knowledge, experiences and ways of practice dedicated to the protection of our animation heritage.

We invite abstracts/presentations/case studies in areas such as:

  • Materials and materiality
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Animation archiving, databases, systems and management
  • Data, metadata and application
  • Personal collections
  • Using a collection in practice
  • Creating a collection
  • Using a collection in research or education
  • The working animation archive, experiences and advice
  • Technological approaches and applications
  • Authorship and paratextual findings
  • Exhibition and curation
  • History, culture and heritage through archives
  • The future of animation collections

Suggested abstracts are also welcomed.

Talks will be 15 minutes long and delivered in English.

Full event details such as ticketing will be revealed soon. Stay up to date with the event by visiting this website.

The event is delivered by Steve Henderson, Mette Peters and Aafke Weller.
For further information please contact s.henderson@mmu.ac.uk

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