Materials in Motion recognizes the uniqueness of animation collections and aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our animation heritage. Its mission is to safeguard and provide access to animation artefacts that constitute the visual and conceptual context of the animated film for research, exhibition, and promotion. Materials in Motion is a global platform for sharing information among professionals, encouraging collaboration, and developing good practices in collection management.

Materials in Motion started as a research project (2018-2020) into a possible conservation strategy for Dutch analogue animation artwork from 1930-2000 in the collection of Eye Filmmuseum, initiated by Mette Peters and Aafke Weller. This project was funded by Metamorfoze, the Netherlands’ national programme for the preservation of paper heritage. Partners were Eye Filmmuseum, the University of Amsterdam and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE).

BewarenThe Materials in Motion 2021 Team
Steve Henderson, Manchester Animation Festival
Yaël Ben Nun, Les Musées d’Annecy
Richard Evans, Creative Industries Trafford
Rosy Whittemore, Cosgrove Hall Films Archive  
Aafke Weller, Eye Filmmuseum
Mette Peters, Eye Filmmuseum


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