British Film Institute

The British Film Institute houses an important collection of animated film and animation artwork from the Sorcerer’s Scissors (1907) till The Illusionist (2010). It is the home to the vast archives of Halas and Bachelor, the company responsible for over half a century of British Animated film including Animal Farm (1952).

  German Institute for Animated Film, Dresden
DIAF is entrusted with the estate and legacy of the DEFA Studio for Animated Film (1945-1990), the state studio of the former German Democratic Republic. In addition to more than 2,000 film prints, the DIAF also archives an extensive collection of film-related materials and documents. The institute’s fields of activity include archiving, conservation and academic research. Temporary exhibitions are organized regularly and an exhibition about the DEFA Studio is on permanent display.
Getty Conservation Institute and Disney Animation Research Library
collaborative research project

A collection of original plastic animation cels and backgrounds will be studied to better understand the changes that occur in these materials over time, and the possible causes of these changes, with the ultimate aim of improving ways of preserving not only Disney’s animation cels, but also any object made from the same types of plastic.
  Musée du Film d\’Animation, Annecy
The museum presents a century of animation. The collection contains circa 5000 documents and objects related to the history and production processes of animated films and is closely affiliated with the prestigious International Animation Film Festival, located in Annecy (France) since 1960.
Plastics Project, a research project on the identification  and conservation of plastics in The Netherlands  (2017-2019)
Each collection of contemporary art and design objects contains numerous artefacts made of plastic. To identify the material composition of the objects specialist knowledge is required, which is often not present in museums without a laboratory. The Plastics Project aims to apply advanced research to this large group of objects, bringing together conservation scientists and no less than ten major museums and curators in the Netherlands.
   The Society for Animation Studies (SAS) is an international organization dedicated to the study of animation history, theory and practice. It was founded by Dr. Harvey Deneroff in 1987. Each year, the SAS holds an annual conference at locations throughout the world, where members present their recent research. Animation Studies is the SAS’ peer-reviewed online journal. It publishes the society’s conference proceedings and is open to submissions from SAS members.





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