Recognise this brand?

Today we found a fraction of a brand logo and a partial batch number on one of the self-adhesive films stuck on a cel. We found this beautiful color wheel between miscellaneous artwork by Gerrit van Dijk (1938 – 2012). It came without any context in a blank brown envelop. Luckily, the stripes in red, white and blue (the colors of the Dutch flag) provided us a with a huge clue and we quickly identified the film.  It has been used in the production of the leader for the “Week van de Nederlandse film” (the week of Dutch film) in 1977 organised by the NBF, the Dutch Association of Film and TV professionals.

The Eye Film museum holds almost the entire oeuvre of Gerrit van Dijk and all the artwork that came with it. Van Dijk experimented with many materials and techniques including plastic foils. Little details like a hint of a brand name can help conservators to identify the type of plastic used, information that can be crucial when storage or treatment decisions have to be made. But MN? A quick Google search did not give us any answers …

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